4 Easy Tips on Moving to The New Office

The moment your business is developing well, of course, there is a desire to increase the number of employees. With the increasing number of employees, you’d need a bigger room. If that happens, it’s time to move to more prominent offices.

Office transfer is never easy. Activities like this require a lot of energy and time. However, it’d easy if you hire experienced transfer services like Rhenus Lupprians.

Here are some easy tips you can do:

Separate Tableware

Avoid packing units that are fragile such as units made of glass. Pack heavy items separately, such as items made of metal, aluminium, iron, and wood. It is also recommended that you use bubble wrap to wrap fragile units to keep it safe during delivery.

Label Color

One quick tip in packing is to put colour labels on your goods. For example, label it blue for IT needs such as servers, computers, etc .; yellow for metal material items, and so on. By doing these tips, you can identify each box quickly, and you can load and unload items more quickly and efficiently.

Emergency Packing Kit

This box contains items that will be used several days before and after moving. For example, documents, stationery, paper etc. These tips can make it easier for you when you arrive at the new office.

Use Trash Bags For Unused Items

It is recommended to collect the units you need to dispose of in a black garbage bag. With this, you can clearly distinguish which items will be packaged and put in a box, and which will not be useful in the new office.

Undoubtedly, the process of moving is indeed tiring. If you need help, you can contact Rhenus Lupprians for professional and reliable transfer services. You can use white glove transportation to facilitate the transfer process. Rhenus Lupprians offers moving services in and out of town. So, wherever you are moving, they are ready to serve you.