4 Things to Checked Before Buy a Used Motorbike

For some people, buying a used motorbike is a great choice rather than buying a new motorbike whose price is higher. You need to identify first how the actual condition of the motor, what are the advantages and disadvantages. It is important so that you do not regret buying it. There are some things you should consider before deciding to buy a used motorcycle.

1. Check the completeness of vehicle documents

The first thing you should check when buying a used motorbike is the completeness of the paperwork. This is to ensure clarity of the status of the motor that you want to buy. Make sure that it is not a stolen motorbike.

2. Check the frame number and machine number

After making sure the motor you want to buy has complete paperwork, then you must check the order number and the engine number. Make sure the frame and machine numbers match those in the letters. Make sure that the number printed on the chassis and engine is the original factory output. If the frame number and the engine are different from what is in the vehicle registration documents, maybe the motorbike was bought from the illegal place.

3. Perform the test by starting the motor engine

Next, you need to check by starting the engine. Start the engine without pulling on the gas, then pay close attention to whether the engine sounds soft or rough.

You need to know whether the motor can stay on without needing to be gassed or in low engine speed. This method needs to be done to determine whether the condition of the motor is still good or not. Besides, motor engines that are in good condition usually have a soft sound when turned on.

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4. Make sure the indicator panel is still functioning properly

Used motorcycles that are still in good condition, of course, have a fuel indicator panel, speedometer, distance counter, and indicator lights that are still functioning normally.

These components have an important function in determining the condition of the motor while driving.

Thus are the four things that must be considered before buying a used motorbike.

Hopefully, the tips above are useful for those of you who want to buy a motorbike.