Bathroom renovations can revamp & beautify your home!

A renovated bathroom helps in adding value to your home, updates its style and makes your home look better! Renovations can make improvements in your home that can last for years to come. However, when opting for bathroom renovations in Melbourne, ensure these restorations will make your bathroom more efficient, stylish and functional at the same time. If you are planning on remodelling your bathroom, consider making essential changes to improve the comfort and storage of the bathroom.

 Improvements to execute during a bathroom renovation:

  • Hidden tank toilet: A hidden tank toilet has many benefits. If Bathroom Renovations involve a smaller bathroom, a hidden tank toilet becomes a space saver. Hidden-tank toilets also help save water, every time it is flushed. It could be a smart choice that adds value to your home. Hidden tank toilets also complement modern and contemporary d├ęcor.
  • Small tiled shower floors:  One of the most important safety features in a bathroom can be the floor tiling of the shower area. Small textured shower tiles would prevent slipping when the floor is soapy and wet. Modern bathroom tiles are easier to clean. They also resist mold, humidity, and even dark stains.
  • Proper drain pipes: This can be a minor improvement that can make a big difference in the functionality of a bathroom. Installing pipes that are thicker for drains can dramatically improve the quality of drainage in a bathroom.
  • Bathtubs should be installed only if essential:  A bathtub cannot be a necessity. If you are one of those who love to relax and take baths, by all means, include it in the remodel. But if you belong to the category of those people who rarely take baths, installing a large shower would be ideal. A bathtub is indeed more appealing to buyers who may have kids or who love to take relaxing baths. If there is another bathroom with a tub and shower combination, then adding a bathtub can be avoided. 
  • Add a frosted window in the shower area: The greatest enemy of a clean bathroom is humidity. It stays trapped inside due to insufficient ventilation. Even though a good bathroom fan can make a big difference, the best form of ventilation is always a natural one. Adding a window in the shower can keep your bathroom clean and free from mold or mildew. A frosted window provides the required privacy and also lets in natural light that helps in energy saving.
  • Add a sleek medicine cabinet: When you decide to install a sleek medicine cabinet placed inside the wall, some needed space will get saved. It also makes the bathroom look more modern. The extra wall framing doesn’t cost much when it comes to bathroom renovations.
  • Improved lighting: Bathrooms require access to natural light. If you are a homeowner planning bathroom renovations in Melbourne, consider changing current lighting or adding a new set of lights to improve the mood of the space. A dimmer for the lights can be a good addition as it can set a relaxing mood! For a leisure bath, lights with full brightness would seem to be too artificial. Therefore, it is definitely a good idea to add lighting in the shower, rather than around it. Showers can turn out to be more pleasant and enjoyable when there is proper lighting.