5 Tips for Making a Convenient and Economical End-of-Year Holiday Plan!

What is everyone waiting for when the end of the year arrives? Of course, vacation is the answer! Turn of the year is indeed a moment that should not be missed to spend time with family, friends or loved ones. It’s a good idea to immediately make a year-end vacation plan in advance, so you can enjoy your vacation comfortably and optimally. What should be prepared to make a year-end vacation plan? Here are 4 tips for planning your year-end vacation to be comfortable and thrifty, let’s look at each one.

1. Choose the tourist attractions that you want

The most important thing before planning a vacation is to choose a tourist spot, of course, this depends on your tastes and desires. There are so many tourist attractions in Indonesia that can be chosen starting from natural attractions, historical museums or shopping paradise for those who like to shop. Make sure the tourist attractions are open on the day you will visit, besides that don’t forget to prepare things that need to be brought like sunblock, camera, umbrella, jacket, etc. according to the conditions and atmosphere of the tourist site.

2. Prepare the budget

Here it is the main thing to consider before going on vacation because the budget plays a very important role in the smooth running of your vacation. Holidays do need money, but you must be able to arrange and divide expenses while on vacation carefully, ranging from transportation tickets, lodging, entrance tickets to tourist attractions, food costs to souvenirs. With careful budgeting, you don’t need to reach into your other savings or borrow money from other people during your holidays.

3. Develop an itinerary

Tourist attractions have been determined, the budget is already there, now is the time to prepare an itinerary or travel plan. Do not until you are confused about what to do if you have arrived at the tourist destination. Make a schedule tailored to the length of your visit at these tourist attractions, don’t forget to also note what events or festivals there are before leaving. With a neatly arranged plan, you only need to follow the schedule, guaranteed your vacation will be comfortable and smooth with the existing schedule.

4. Search for cheap tickets online or offline

So that your expenses can be reduced, don’t forget to continue to monitor and look for cheap ticket deals. You can do it online or offline, for example by visiting travel exhibition events. At events like this, many travel agents are competing to provide travel packages with various price ranges. Looking for tickets online at various OTA (Online Travel Agents) is also recommended because usually there are many attractive offers on these sites before the holiday months. And for those of you who want to get a fast loan for various needs while on vacation, you can try applying for Kredit tanpa agunan only at https://www.cekaja.com/kredit-tanpa-agunan/