How To Eliminate Sadness After Losing Beloved Ones

Sadness is a natural. Sadness usually happened when someone cant accepts new circumstances, such as loss, failure, distress, disappointment, stress, or heartbreak. Actually, sadness is okay and has a good impact on the body. It can cleanse toxins and release pent-up emotions. However, sadness can also be bad if it happens continuously. If that happens, then you cannot prepare a funeral for your loved ones that have been passed away.

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Here are some ways to get rid of sadness:

Realize That This World Is Only Temporary

Sometimes we forget that life in this world is only temporary. The actual life is after we die, namely in the hereafter. By leaning our lives in the hereafter, we will be more graceful when given trials by God.

Do Something Positive

Doing things that can make you happy will certainly ease the burden of sadness that we felt. Positive things we can do when we are sad are doing hobbies, hanging out with friends, attending majors, or so on.

Confide in Believers

Sometimes we feel everything is too much to handle. We need to share it with other people, especially people who are trusted, such as friends or family. Revealing something about how we feel to someone we trust will make the heart feel more relieved.

Face your Feeling

Don’t avoid feeling sad. Facing sadness by being alone for a whole day will help you feel better. You can be alone while listening to melancholy music, then try to understand and accept events that make you sad wisely. Remember, the sadness that you are experiencing will pass away. Believe that there is wisdom behind every sadness.


Some people might choose to hide their sadness. However, it is better to vent the sadness. If you want to cry, then cry. Crying can make you feel better and more relieved.

Do things that you enjoy

Don’t just focus on the sadness that you experience. Try to do the things that you enjoy so that the mood gets better. If you like to travel, you can try holiday to the place you want to visit, as a “medicine” to relieve sadness.

Say it in writing

Writing can be a therapy in curing sadness. You can spill sadness or disappointment in a piece of paper so that feelings can be better.

Don’t let the sadness that you experience makes you feel depressed. Eliminate your sadness and believe in happiness after it.